Celebrity Body Insurance

You would have heard of people insuring their homes, cars and lives. In fact, you would yourself be having an insurance for your home or car. How would you react if you ever heard somebody insuring their bodies? Yes! This is true when it comes to Hollywood celebrities. This infographic titled “Celebrity Body Insurance” reveals shocking facts about celebrity body insurance. This implies that quads, smiles, legs and even a smile come at a price.

This infographic covers all the A-listers of Hollywood who have got their body parts insured. 16 celebs have been listed in this infographic and their associated insured body part. You would certainly be amazed going through this infographic learning about your favourite stars. Mariah Carey has her legs insured for $1 billion! Actress Bette Davis in 1940s had an insurance against her increasing waistline for $28,000. The amount used to be the annual salary of most men during those times.

David Beckham, the soccer superstar has his legs insured for $70 million. It has also been reported that he has his entire body insured for $195 million. Angelina Jolie, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world, has her body insured for $ 1 billion. Bruce Springsteen has his voice insured for $ 7 million. This infographic covers such crazy body insurance policies which the famous Hollywood celebrities and sports personalities have indulged in. This crazy trend has created a lot of buzz amongst the celebrities with more and more celebs going this way.

Likes: cool description of facts, precise summary of information.

Dislikes: Could’ve covered more celebs.

Celebrity Insurance Infographic

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