Burj Khalifa Infographic Burj Khalifa Infographic

The tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa Tower is a stunning model of foresight, power and design. Constructing an 828-meter-high tower in the middle of the desert is no mean feat, and the building was designed to be a mixed-used development, comprising residential and commercial areas. Burj Khalifa Infographic This quick and easy…

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Taj-Exotica-Goa Taj-Exotica-Goa

Who doesn’t want to go out on a road trip with friends to Goa like in Dil Chahta Hai or with your better half away from the everyday mayhem of life. Travelling to Goa with your loved ones isn’t a big deal. The big task is how you plan your travel and stay in this…

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