5 Things India Should Do To Defeat Aussies 9 Post thumbnail

It’s time for the best against the best. After Australia’s six-wicket victory over Pakistan in the quarterfinal, they’ve booked a berth in the semifinal against familiar foes – Team India. Having outplayed them in the triangular series prior to the World Cup Down Under, the Kangaroos must be oozing with confidence but Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s…

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world cup shoes world cup shoes

Athletic foot wears are primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but in recent years it has come to be used for casual everyday activities. Attributes of an athletic shoe include a flexible sole, appropriate tread for the function, and ability to absorb impact. As the industry and designs have expanded, the term “athletic shoes”…

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Moneyball-The Business of Indian Sports - 2015 10 Post thumbnail

Vouchercloud India presents some amazing statistics to the business involved in the domestic and international sporting events of India. Since India stepped into making domestic sport international like the inception of Indian Premier League (IPL), it has attracted many players including the best cricketers from around the world, with a staggering amount of money on…

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Great Collection of Balls Great Collection of Balls

Get the ball rolling! You can choose a traditional one: football, basketball or bowling. Or will you go for a Grifball, Matsumoto Temari or Wilson one from the Cast Away movie? Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will find it here! [via]

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Anatomy of a College Basketball Scholarship 12 Post thumbnail

Having played division 1 college basketball and then also coaching high school basketball at a high level, I have been able to talk to numerous players and coaches about the college recruiting process. The more I talk to people about the recruiting process though, the more I realize that there is a lot of confusion…

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