Data Visualization

Data visualization or data visualisation is the creation and study of the visual representation of data, meaning “information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information”.

What Americans Really Think About Climate Change 6 Post thumbnail

Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting human-made climate change, less than half of Americans understand this. In fact, Americans are becoming less concerned about the reality of global warming and are not as worried about climate change as they have been in the past. In 2006, at least 65 percent of the Americans believed that climate…

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The Atlas Of Kant’s Legacy 8 Post thumbnail

The streamgraph shown on this page represents the evolution of Kantian lexicon throughout his philosophical publications. A hundred of the most important words, of the Kant’s philosophical doctrine, have been inserted in a tool that has mapped their recur- rence in each of his works, going from 1747 to 1803. – Source:

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Financial-States-of-America Financial-States-of-America

The majority of Americans are still trying to recover from the recession of 2007. For many, this may include relocating. But which state is in the best financial position? Which state has the highest minimum wage? has created an infographic entitled “The Financial States of America”, which answers all of these questions, and more.

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Cost Of Bachelors Degree Around the World (Infographic) Cost Of Bachelors Degree Around the World (Infographic)

It is true that education comes at a price and a pretty expensive one at most places. Earning a bachelor’s degree from a good college or university can prove to be costly for your pocket but paying this price might help to increase your earning capacity by quite an extent. Here’s a look at the…

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