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Sales managers in companies large and small are looking for ways of measuring the effectiveness of their sales teams, but many pay attention to the wrong metrics, which often has devastating consequences in today’s volatile business climate. This infographic, however, details how to best measure sales efficiency according to a variety of manageable metrics, allowing…

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Google has the uncanny ability of foreseeing the future trend of the World Wide Web. They have a superior understanding of the future customer demands and thus most of their acquisitions turn out to be the most successful and sought out products. Ever since its inception, Google has been active in acquiring different organisations and…

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Many recruitment agencies still use paper-based manual time-sheet and invoicing systems. However, such an approach is a source of inefficiency. Etz has identified six common areas that recruitment agencies lose money through time-sheet and back office inefficiencies. Avoid these mistakes and save money by investing in an automated back office software solution.

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When it comes to customer service, there are many formulas the companies try in order to ensure customer satisfaction. has created an infographic entitled “The Key Trends Facing Customer Service Organizations”, detailing the results of a study focused on customer service, and gives you the details you need in order to make every customer…

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The Northeast of the United States lays on a huge source of fuel, which we are just beginning to tap into. has created an infographic entitled “Industry on the Rise with Marcellus-Utica”, detailing how exploring our fuel options is proving to be more valuable than ever before. With ever increasing pressure from the general…

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