Caffeine vs Calories

A cup of coffee might not have as many calories as a frappe mocha with whipped cream. An interesting fact here is, as per this infographic, just one cup of hazelnut mocha with whipped cream is as good as consuming a big mac, a large hot chocolate with whipped cream, and a dark chocolate bar, all together! It constitutes close to 600 calories. In this infographic titled, “Caffeine vs Calories,” you will see how a single large cup of cappuccino is equivalent to consuming a good number of calories.

A brewed coffee too has nearly a hundred calories. Therefore, when you visit a coffee outlet and take one of those large glasses of coffee with whipped cream or ice cream dipped in chocolate sauce, you can expect an easy weight gain. If you are skinny and looking to gain weight, then having some calories through coffee and whipped cream might just be good for you.

In other words, caffeine in coffee does have some calories. Even the red bull you drink has caffeine in it. This is also one of the reasons people are switching to green tea and herbal tea. Though herbal teas such as green teas do have some amount of caffeine in it, it is not harmful at all. So, see for yourself if you are adding up calories by drinking coffee with whipped cream.

Likes: Information about how even coffee has calories.

Dislikes: Unclear infographic. Anyone looking at it will not be able to figure out the head and tail of the objective of this infographic.

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Caffeine vs Calories Infographic


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