9 Reasons to Buy Star Health Insurance Plans Online



These days insurance plans are commonly sold online. People like shopping for insurance online because it is a very convenient thing to do. Gone are the days when people stood in queues outside the offices of insurance providers to get the plans of their choice. Nowadays, you can get an insurance plan instantly by just clicking a few buttons. All the top insurance providers such as Star Health Insurance offer their plans online. Take a look at this article to know more about why it is beneficial for you to get your Star Health plan online.

  1. Cheaper –
    The online health insurance plans are a lot cheaper than offline health insurance plans. This is because Star Health sells the plan directly to you. There is no insurance agent involved in the deal. As a result, the brokerage amount is saved. Also, Star Health Insurance saves a lot of money on the processing and administrative work and this saving is transferred to you in the form of a discount on the price of the onl9ne health insurance plan. Since most of the work is automated, human involvement is minimal and the documents are stored digitally, so it is economic for the insurer as well.
  2. Quick and convenient –
    The plan can be bought online in just an instant. Most of the plans are available without a pre-policy screening and so you can get it approved as soon as you apply. This is very beneficial as waiting for approval can be a long and frustrating thing to do. Also, going out for a health test can be cumbersome for some people. Thus, getting a Star Health insurance plan without a pre-policy screening is very helpful.
  3. Available 24/7 –
    You buy the plan online from your own mobile phone or PC. This gives you the freedom to choose when you want to buy. You can buy when travelling to work, while comfortably lying in bed or at any other time that is convenient for you. You do not have to wait for any office to open or any agent to come to your house. The same holds true for paying your health insurance premium or for filing a health insurance claim online.
  4. Less paperwork –
    When you buy your health insurance plan online, the documentation process is simpler. You just need to fill some online forms and provide your KYC details, along with your personal details. You make the payment online, so the hassles of dropping cheques, etc are all eliminated. This makes the process further easy and convenient for you.
  5. Unbiased choice –
    Health insurance agents often sell you plans that benefit them more than they benefit you! They think about their own profit and not your wellness. This is why they push certain plans and do not mention the others, which may be of use to you. But when you buy your health cover online from Star Health Insurance, you get to choose the plan yourself and this helps you to make a very unbiased choice and you end up with the most effective health insurance policy.
  6. Option to compare –
    Buying online helps you to compare the health insurance plans. It is helpful to compare as you get to know which plan is best suited for you. You can easily and quickly compare the different plans, see the features and decide which one is most appropriate for you and your family.
  7. Handy online tools –
    You also get various tools such as the premium calculator, policy brochures, etc online. These help you to understand the basics of the health insurance plan even before you make a purchase.
  8. Transparency –
    There is a lot of transparency available when you buy a Star Health Insurance plan online. You can clearly read the terms and conditions, understand the pricing, see all the options, read the exclusions, etc. everything is available for you to scrutinize and so you get a plan that you understand without having to worry about the hidden clauses.
  9. Very safe –
    Apart from the payment, the process of buying the plan is also safe as all the data is stored digitally. You do not fear losing documents in transit or any such issues. Human involvement is minimised and so the chance of human errors such as incorrect data entry, etc are negligible. All this makes it very safe for you to get your Star Health Insurance Plan online.

The bottom line

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many benefits to buying your Star Health insurance plan online. From getting better quotes to being able to make an unbiased decision, you get some of the handiest advantages when you shop for your health plan online. So if you are in the process of buying health insurance right now, do consider getting the policy online as that will have a lot of money, hassle and time as well.

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