A Brief Guide To This Year’s Architecture Trends

Architecture Trends

Beatific nature and lush retreats never fail to inspire a spark of creation in humans. Ingenious prefabs and dedicatedly designed homes bring a similar flame of motivation. But residential architects in Chennai is so much more! Today, it has become an innovative solution to global problems like lack of space and scarcity of resources. The trends that have emerged in architecture in 2019 all revolve around pressing issues the world faces. 

Minimalistic homes that make clever use of tiny space are more than residences that lack square footage. Architecture has made them a lifestyle for those who want to live a more sustainable and earth-friendly life. The tiny homes of 2019 are living proof that good design is possible no matter how minimal the area.  Dealing with the shortage of area has evolved another trend this year – practical space utilization.  Architects are finding novel and innovative ways of transforming the same floor area into a dwelling that has more storage capacity. Greener homes, tinier homes, and more efficient homes are the call of the day along with smarter and more efficient houses.

Infographic source – https://www.dwellion.in/

Architecture Trends

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