Brain Trust

Brain Trust 1

Scientific research and development may be a controversial subject, but has created a fact-packed infographic detailing everything you need to know about the current affairs-and the future-of scientific research and development spending, entitled “Brain Trust”.

The United States spends more on scientific research and development than any other country in the world.  Asia, however, spends more as a region-with 36.7% of all funds originating in the Asia region.  This is closely followed by the Americas at 36%, and Europe placing third at 24.1%.  But where does this money go?

The infographic details, by country, where that money ends up.  The United States designates their funds for national defence, health, and space/flight research.  China spends their R&D dollars in areas like nanotechnology, clean energy, stem cell research, and new labs/institutes.

Brain Trust

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