Blogs in Plain English

Blogging has revolutionized the way information flows in the society. It is quite simple to start a blog; and the best thing is that anybody can post a blog.
This video titled “Blogs in Plain English” reveals fascinating information about the history of blogging and how a blog actually works. The impact of blogs in the news industry has been clearly highlighted in this blog.
The below video highlights the outreach of blogs and the power vested in the hands of the common man. In the 20th century, information used to be provided by reporters and the content would be checked by the editorial team before broadcasting. Moreover, the information used to be in a professional tone and restricted to national and international news.
Blogging however has paved way for people from all sectors to voice out their opinions over the web. Bloggers don’t restrict themselves to a professional tone. Blogs are indeed colourful and the tone of writing is usually more casual than professional. Blogs are not even limited to specific people. Those interested in learning how a blog actually works can greatly benefit from this very informative video.
Likes: Superb illustration, clear description, easy to comprehend.
Dislikes: Lacks swift transitions.

Here is video which explains you about Blogs in plain English.

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