Infographic: Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Want to learn more about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy? Instead of hovering over Google to search all relevant links, why not read this infographic? It has detailed reports of all the incidents that took place during the unfortunate Bhopal Gas Tragedy and it also provides the reports of the results right after the incident took place. There is a lot of aggregated information in this infographic which reveals a lot of things about the Bhopal Gas tragedy.

The “Infographic Bhopal Gas Tragedy” will give you much information regarding the incident which you are yet unaware of. Even the really minute data have been collected and included into this infographic which clearly describes the several repercussions of the incident as well.  Right from the date it occurred to the date the guilty were punished and the cases close, each inch is carved. Check it out to know more.

So much has happened in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy that it’s reminiscent haunts us till date. It is not a fateful thing to remember, but it is one that cannot be forgotten either. There are people who claim that there are things regarding Bhopal Gas Tragedy which we don’t even know completely yet. This infographic depicts the incidents and the effects that followed thereafter. Overall it’s a grim reminder of one of the worst industrial disasters that ever took place in the world, and is a thing that all industries of the world should be careful of.

Likes: The information is very well organized. It is quite readable on all parts as well.

Dislikes: Lacks more information. Some of the much known details could also have been added to make it even more interesting.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Infographic

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PDF File: Bhopal Gas Tragedy

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Link to Wiki:  Bhopal Disaster

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