Insightful Tips on How to Choose Best Mutual Funds to Invest in According to Your Portfolio



Be it via lump sum or a SIP investment, choosing the right mutual funds can help enhance your portfolio and achieve your financial objectives. However, the abundance of mutual fund investment options can make it hard to decide which one to pick. Sometimes, new investors make the mistake of selecting mutual funds based on their recent performance alone. In reality, there are many parameters to consider before you can invest in mutual funds online.

This article discusses useful tips you can follow to select a winning mutual fund for your portfolio.

  1. Identify your goals and know your risk appetite

Start by understanding your investment goals. What do you wish to achieve and how much time do you have? For example, your goal could be saving for your child’s education or building a retirement corpus for a secure future. Similarly, look at your willingness to take risks to achieve your financial objectives. Can you ride the ups and downs in your portfolio value, or do you prefer to stay conservative?

  1. Understand the type and style of mutual funds

Funds can be categorised by short, medium or long-term time horizons. Focus on the mutual fund benefits you hope to achieve through your investments. Is it capital appreciation you seek by investing in long-term growth funds? Or, would you rather invest in debt instruments and bonds that pay regular interest? Choose the mutual fund scheme that agrees with your investment philosophy.

  1. Check the expense ratio and other fees

It costs to operate a mutual fund. The expense ratio includes costs such as analysts’ salaries, utility bills, office leases, fund management expenses and more that are borne by the scheme. Thus, the higher this ratio, the more it affects your fund’s returns. If you are not careful, this seemingly small percentage could diminish your profits in the long-term.

  1. Evaluate the fund manager’s tenure and experience

It can help to know in detail about a fund manager’s career and experience in handling various portfolios. You can check their track record, expertise in the industry and the consistency of their decisions. A firm backed by a reliable team of professional portfolio managers can play a significant part in reaching your investment goals through the fund’s performance.

  1. Check the size of the mutual fund scheme

If the size of a mutual fund is too big, it could get tricky for a portfolio manager to run it efficiently. Though there is no set benchmark for the ideal size of a fund, $100 billion in assets under management can make it difficult for the portfolio manager to run the fund efficiently. Hence, one option would be to look into a smaller-sized mutual fund scheme.


Regardless of how you wish to invest in mutual funds, via lump sum or SIP, it is advisable to research the subject before investing. Carrying out due diligence can help you enjoy the enhanced benefits of mutual funds but improve your chances of reaching your financial goals faster.

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