What are the Best Devices to Play Poker Online?



Poker is such an addictive game that it may not need a big screen to play on, but it surely requires a good quality screen to play on, which has good pixel numbers and has the clarity to its optimum.

This article has been written in the form of an analysis based on mostly reviews of the people who play poker on various devices. Let us jump into these reviews and see the kinds of devices that can help us have a premium experience of playing poker and how it can be more of an experience.

Problems Faced in Using Tablets and Phones

People mostly have stated that they like to play poker on phones, tablets, or laptops because of their ease of usage and utility. However, many people also report the one main problem that they face while using phones and tablets is that since they are the devices that are most portable, people tend to use them on their bed or on their couches, lying down because of being lazy.

This tends to hurt their backs, and also their vision deteriorates with time, giving them a strain on their eyes initially. Thus people often tend to keep a lookout for ways of how this may happen, but unfortunately, tablets are the most easily used and accessible, so it does not stop there.

Why Some People Prefer Desktops?

Some people also prefer playing poker on their desktops since it does provide the best set up as may be argued by most avid poker players. Moreover, it is reliable if you’re playing with real currency. Even new bitcoin-based casinos are also urging to prefer desktops and laptops over smartphones & apps. You can know more about The Best Bitcoin Casinos in case you don’t.  It also does not strain any muscle of the body, keeping the player comfortable as far as posture may be concerned.

Phones and tablets, however, may be switched with desktops during times when the individual is traveling or carrying lightweight. A desktop or a PC may be better because of its obviously bigger screen, which provides better vision, better controlling due to the availability of a mouse. A mouse may also be used with a laptop.

A PC, however, also has better ergonomics, and there is no reason for the player to be worried about battery life or getting up in the middle of an engaging game to plug in the charger to the jack the laptop. The moment gets ruined, and the same momentum is not able to be recovered. With a PC, the power cable is constantly connected to a power socket, which keeps in the continuous flow of battery, ceasing the reason for reduced battery life to exist. Big is always better, right!

Unless and until the seat is proving uncomfortable for the player, people generally swear by desktop, PCs, etc. because of a bigger screen and much better upgrades. Also, with more visual clarity, desktops do, of course, ensure a greater player experience. It is for the exact same reason that people mostly do not like the utility of their phones for playing poker since their screen is too small and, thus, difficult to look at.

Laptops vs. Desktops

Some people also prefer playing on their laptops because of them being able to get up and go to places like the bathroom and the kitchen without giving up their seats in front of the poker tournament going on. If you are using a desktop, you may be interrupted from your game to have to go anywhere else.

Poker is also played by some people on their tablet since it is mostly as portable as their phone is, and it provides a larger screen. So it is basically the same thing but with added benefits to it.


As we saw above, we can clearly draw a clear cut line between the devices people choose to play poker on. There are pros and cons attached to every device and why it is preferred by some and not so much by the others.

Let us try to summarise the pattern by beginning to understand the following points:

  1. Phones are not the preferred device by poker players because of their small screen and comparatively dissatisfying ergonomics. Although phones definitely prove to be one of the most portable devices, yet the user experience can be very limited and not up to the mark, as the user expects it to be.
  2. Laptops are a larger device with a bigger screen size, which automatically enables players to have a better poker playing experience and also serves the same purpose of ease of usability and portability. Although they might be a little heavier than phones, a bigger screen, and better screen and gaming dynamics are a definite win-win. Isn’t it?
  3. With desktops, the only negative point is the fact that they are undetachable and need to be used at one specific place only. They do have the biggest screen from all the other given options, but if you need to go answer a knock on the door while playing your game, a desktop is not the right choice for you, after all.

But you can swear by the visuals and the user experience with a desktop, and that is where it all begins to become better and fall into place.

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