Best Cricket Betting Sites and Odds in India

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India is popularly known for its many successes in cricket. So, it’s no surprise that Indians often gather to enjoy a game of cricket on TV or rather join in themselves. However, several fans around the country have also harnessed this chance to generate some extra funds while leisurely watching their favorite sport. Betting on cricket games has been on the rise lately, especially in India where it is regularly played and loved. So, as expected, there are loads of betting sites claiming to offer the best odds on the market.

As a newbie, it can be very difficult to determine the best betting site for you with the many mouthwatering deals each of these sites claim to offer. Don’t worry, this article has been crafted to help you determine the best cricket betting sites to consider while scouring for betting sites to bet on cricket matches in India.

Top 10 Cricket Betting Sites and Their Odds.

  • Bet365

The owners of bet365 are experts in the field and this is evident once you access the welcome page. The betting site is visually appealing and the professional touch is evident right from the start. Bet365 gives users the ability to make a lot of choices on their cricket bets. Several markets are also available with extraordinary events and extremely large odds. Bet365’s odds on regular markets are among the best in the online betting industry. Bet365, unfortunately, doesn’t offer punters the option of live streaming when they bet on live matches.

  • 22bet

22bet is arguably one of the best betting sites in India. 22bet lets you bet on IPL matches as well as T20 tournaments. This betting site even allows you to bet on women’s cricket matches which is a feature that is not available on a lot of betting platforms.  Another icing on the cake is you are allowed to deposit funds and bet in Rupees which makes the experience less stressful. There are different modes of payment which doesn’t narrow down your mode of transacting in and out of the website. 22bet offers great odds that are competitive with the best in the online betting business. This betting platform offers bonuses for both new and existing customers. New customers get a 100% deposit bonus while existing customers receive the same bonus on Fridays.

  • 1win India

This is another recommendable cricket betting site in India that offers nice odds. It gives a welcome bonus on deposits worth up to Rs75,000 which is far greater than any other betting companies offer. It has various modes of staking ranging from live matches to high ranking matches, to simple friendly matches, etc. Using 1win India, you can stake using not just Rupees but also cryptocurrency.

  • Betway

Betway is also a great site to consider for betting on cricket. It gives users up to an Rs2,500 deposit bonus and has awesome packages most especially for new users. Betway has an easily navigable interface too and possesses a huge selection of betting choices for various sports. Cricket is of course one of the sports available to bet on. Betway lets you bet on cricket matches in different leagues including those outside India. Bet way is one of the betting sites that gives punters the option to cash out while a match is going on. This can be essential to help a bettor reduce his or her losses. Betway occasionally runs promotions and bonus offers which punters can take advantage of to earn big.

  • 10cric

10cric is a betting site that targets cricket matches in particular. 10cric offers cricket bettors a nice variety of choices on cricket matches. 10cric offers you the ability to bet on live cricket matches and then allows you to stream these matches in high definition free of charge. This is an added advantage for punters who would like to watch the cricket matches that they bet on. 10cric lets you bet on all kinds of cricket matches played all around the world. The odds offered by 10cric on cricket matches are extremely competitive and this along with the ease of using the web and app platforms make this betting site an excellent recommendation for cricket punters. It should be noted however that to verify your 10cric account, you have to make an initial deposit. This may be a turnoff for some as other cricket betting sites allow you to verify your account even before you make a deposit. 10cric’s bonuses include a deposit bonus for new subscribers as well as bonus codes to boost your earnings when you bet.

  • Melbet

Although Melbet may not be one of the most popular betting platforms, it offers great odds that make it a favorite among hardcore cricket bettors. The most common kind of cricket betting available on this platform is for T20 tournaments which is also the kind preferred by most cricket bettors. There are more than 150 markets open for customers to take advantage of on the Melbet platform. Melbet’s unpopularity can be blamed on the fact that its odds are not available on any of the odds comparison websites available to Indian bettors. Our findings have unveiled that Melbet’s odds are not behind those of the top players in the online betting industry. Melbet also offers some markets that are not available on some other conventional betting platforms such as the option to bet on runs in a specific over. Since it is less popular, Melbet offers its subscribers a lot of bonuses. A lot of promotions are also done on this betting site to offer its subscribers an incentive to stay on the platform. Melbet offers great rollover terms which can be taken advantage of by accumulators.

  • 1xbet

This is one of the most popular betting sites internationally. This platform offers the opportunity to bet on almost every sporting activity and cricket is not an exception. 1xbet allows you to bet not only on the biggest cricket matches but also in smaller games from minor leagues around the world. The majority of the options available to bet on in 1xbet are based on stats. Also, 1xbet offers favorable odds on cricket matches which can even be said to be among the best of all betting platforms. Signing up to 1xbet is an extremely simple process as you do not have to complete your profile fully on sign up. 1xbet constantly puts out bonus codes that can be used by existing customers to secure deals on bets. Like most other online betting platforms, you also get a 100% welcome bonus as a new subscriber.

  • Royal Panda

Although this online betting platform was recently established, it has grown to be extremely popular in its few years of existence. Royal Panda is interesting in that it allows you to bet on movies and even politics. Royal Panda doesn’t offer a 100% deposit bonus to new subscribers but rather a welcome bonus of RS 100,000 that can be used to place bets. Royal Panda also offers one of the best odds in cricket matches.


The online betting platforms listed above are the best cricket prediction website in India particularly for people who want to bet on cricket. The ball is in your court to make a decision on which of these online betting platforms suits your budgets and rocks your boat. However, please bet responsibly!

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