Best Asus Laptops under 25K for Budget Buyers

Laptops are a necessity for all. Be it a student, business person, housewife or a self-employed professional everyone needs a laptop to carry out various daily tasks. With the multitude of options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Things can become even more cumbersome if you have only a limited budget. If you are on a tight budget, yet looking for a laptop that looks smart and delivers even smarter performance, Asus is the right choice for you. The brand is a known name in the computer hardware sector, it is only logical then to believe that their range of laptops would have the best in class hardware. You can look for paytm offers first to get discount on your laptop purchase from the online stores.

Some of the best models that you can consider buying are:

Asus X553MA BING Notebook

Image Courtesy :
Image Courtesy :

No matter if you are using this notebook for work or for play, you be sure that the laptop delivers a powerful performance. It is best suited for multitaskers who love to stay glued to computer all day long. The powerful performance comes on the back of high-tech hardware that includes Celeron Quad core process and 2GB DDR3 RAM that makes multi-tasking seamless. This laptop is equipped with SonicMaster Audio Wizard technology that produces brilliant sound this is easy on the ears. The smooth touchpad is specially designed to provide an excellent touch response to the users. The keyboard too has a special design to improve typing accuracy. Last but not the least, the incredibly awesome design of the laptop is a cynosure to the eye. You can get all these features at just Rs. 18,600/-. If you want to buy this laptop make sure that you look for best deals and offers at couponraja to save some money on your purchase.

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Asus EeeBook X205TA

Image Courtesy :
Image Courtesy :

This is an incredibly smart look laptop, the sleek design and the compact size is visually appealing. The laptop features 11.6 inch screen and weighs less than 1 kg, which makes it easy to carry. The laptop is meticulously crafted to deliver a powerful performance. On the hardware specifications front, this Asus laptop is powered by Intel Atom processor and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. For power users, the laptop serves great purpose as it strong 2 Cell battery runs up to 12 hours ensuring that your work is not interrupted. The other amazing feature that deserves special mention is the easy and comfortable keyboard that is specially designed to improve typing accuracy.


Asus X551CA-SX075D

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Image Courtesy :

This stylish laptop is super sleek and features a 15.6 inch screen. It is a perfect choice of laptop for every day computing. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i3 processor and 2 GB DDR3 RAM that makes it ideal for internet browsing, watching videos; multi-tasking is pretty seamless you can switch between programs without any hassles. The SonicMaster technology is a great boon for music lovers; the speakers deliver a sharp and crisp sound without straining your ears. The multi-touch trackpad comes with gesture technology that allows accurate response across different inputs.

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