An Evening Well-Spent at BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet Mumbai

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On a lazy Saturday morning, I got a special invite for #BergerXP Indimeet by Indiblogger. I was fascinated by the invite as it is always nice to dwell on some colors when the day is dull and lousy. In no time I registered for the event which was held at Vivanta Taj, Cuffee Parade. I reached the venue on time, before attending I just gazed through the speakers and the schedule of the event to get to know what exactly I am expecting. It looked interesting.

When I reached the venue, I saw many bloggers present for the meet. It was interesting to meet like-minded people. Also, lunch was served for all the guests before the start of the event. Post lunch, as we sat down at our tables, Mr. Anoop, co-founder of Indiblogger, walked in and managed the fun quotient by playing games. Musical chairs was the first of the games which we played and it was entertaining. The idea of starting the event with playing a game was good because we got to know each other quite well, also it kept us on our toes always because it was very exhilarating.

Musical Chair Winners:

Following the game, Chandranath Bannerjee — Services Head, Express Painting, acquired the stage and shared his experience with us. Mr. Banerjee described about the process of Express Painting explaining how the process is quick, creates less dust, protects furniture and floors and provides great, long-lasting results.

He added about the special covers for furniture and also equipment to help move heavy furniture around. Also, the painters are trained to use the latest tools and methods. There is a mechanism for the consumers to rate them as well.

An Evening Well-Spent at BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet Mumbai 1
Here are some more facts about Express Painting by Berger Paints that are quite interesting:

  • Quicker process (40% faster than the traditional one)
  • Efficient painters
  • Dust-free houses while painting
  • Guaranteed smoothness

After a scintillating explanation of the use of Express Painting by Mr. Bannerjee, we were engrossed into another activity to scrub the sand form a cardboard. It was altogether a very different experience because I have just seen people doing such stuffs, it was different to take that cardboard and yourself doing the same. Though, I learned a lot about painting process because of these activities. Me and my team completed the scrubbing process quite early and were leading all the activitiesJ.

Next activity was painting on a canvas. All the teams were given few themes for painting. Our team chose I Love Mumbai theme. We got a chance to literally to cognize the paint mixing and staining process. We got to see primers, stainers and paints along with different painting equipment that was laid out for us. We were shown primers, dilution of paints with water and then staining with the stainer to create different shades.

Our team was highly charged up to win this activity too. We started the painting and all the members gave every idea to make the painting different than any other teams. Within no time, we completed our painting, and as expected our work was awarded with the first place. It was a joyous moment for all the team members.

After the activity, snacks were serve. Post snacks we got together for a group picture. A special mention to Berger who promoted the brand in a very innovative way. Kudos to the Berger team! And to Indiblogger for organizing a fantastic event!

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  1. Happy to see all of you together. Hope you have enjoyed the moments very well. Have great fun in future too.

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