Top 10 benefits of doing B. Com LLB Degree

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Law is one of the most coveted and highly respected academic disciplines. Students with an affinity for writing and commerce can opt for a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Legislative Law (B. Com LLB). B. Com LLB is a five-year undergraduate programme that studies commerce and law. The course offers skills and knowledge in two different professional fields. Students will also gain an understanding of the various laws necessary to thrive in the professional world.

Acquiring knowledge of both commerce and legislative regulations opens doors to numerous opportunities. In this article, we will explore the top 10 career benefits of a B. Com LLB degree.

Plenty of job opportunities

Studying B. Com LLB equips students with in-depth knowledge of the law, financial accounting, economics, taxation, and auditing. Therefore, students gain the upper hand when applying for jobs. Some popular career options that B. Com LLB graduates can pursue include criminal lawyer, solicitor, advocate, business consultant, financial advisor, management accountant, etc.

Work with top legal firms

Law is a highly respected professional worldwide. Pursuing B. Com LLB prepares students to work in the top legal firms as they hire law graduates. Some top legal firms in India are Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., AZB and Partners, Khaitan & Co., DSK Legal, and Luthra and Luthra Law Offices.

Competitive salary packages

Although the salary of law graduates depends on the profession and areas they choose to work, several survey reports suggest that a law graduate in India makes between INR 25 – INR 30 lakhs annually.

Many government jobs are available

Studying B. Com LLB also opens doors to various government departments. Law graduates can pursue careers as government lawyers, civil judges, assistant managers legal, legal counsel, etc.

Opportunities to explore various industries

As the B. Com LLB provides knowledge in two professional fields, graduates can work in various areas of their choice. They can pursue careers as lawyers or join legal firms to give their valuable legal advice to clients.

Become well-versed in the law language

Studying B. Com LLB makes students familiar with various laws. It also challenges students intellectually. The course provides essential transferrable skills necessary to thrive in the law domain. Some of these skills are decision-making, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, research skills, problem-solving, and presentation skills.

Gain finance acumen

The five-year course focuses on equipping you with the necessary finance acumen besides offering legal education. The course covers business fundamentals, business analysis, accounting, investment strategies, global economics, and entrepreneurial methods.

Good job market

Law graduates are in high demand across various industries. Upon completing the course, a law graduate can join the legal sector, work as a criminal or corporate lawyer, work in the media house, or offer legal advice.

Opportunities to work overseas

Law is a globally recognised degree. With a law degree, students can find employment in any corner of the world.

Respectful career path 

A law degree is synonymous with a respectful profession in the world. As these professionals have in-depth knowledge of the law, people seek them for advice.

Here are the benefits of studying for a bachelor’s degree in commerce and law. Apply for the course now!

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