How Do You Become A Successful Lifestyle Accessory Designer

vLifestyle Accessory Designer

A lifestyle Accessory Designer is a professional who ideates, visualizes and designs attractive wearable and non-wearable accessories that are not only functional but also compliments the apparel with which they are matched, besides enhancing the personality of its owner. It further appeals aesthetically to people besides adding style and a splash of colour.

Accessories can include home décor or comfort products besides personal accessories like bags, jewellery, scarves, footwear, hair accessories etc. An accessory designer must have an understanding of the varied material, stones etc. that can be used besides traditional and modern production techniques, fashion & market trends. This will facilitate him in predicting the designs that will be in demand in future and will ensure success.

Skills for success as a Lifestyle Accessory Designer: In order to be a successful, lifestyle accessory designer must possess the following skill set:

  • Creative & Designing skills: He must display artistic flair so as to be able to develop unique concepts and accordingly visualize and design something tangible. Furthermore, he must possess an excellent understanding of patterns & colours, thereby enabling accessories that complement the overall look of the apparel.
  • Passionate & Competitive spirit: He must be passionate and competitive enough to regularly keep himself abreast with the latest market & fashion trends. He will be encouraged to understand the traditional techniques in addition to modern ones and hence will be able to introduce distinct concepts that can position him in a different league vis-à-vis his peers.
  • Eye for Detail & analytical mind: He must possess an analytical mind and keen observation skills, which will facilitate in developing viable distinct concepts that are also profitable.
  • Up to date with trends: He must have a comprehensive understanding about market realities, people’s preferences, their dislikes, fashion trends etc. which will help in creating appropriate products that are financially viable as well as in sync with customer demand.
  • Time Management: He must be organised and should be able to handle pressure, multi-task and work for long hours so as to adhere to deadlines.  
  • Decision making Skills: He should make rational decisions after weighing all pros and cons, evaluating suggestions and alternatives.
  • Communication & Networking Skills: He should not only be able to understand clients brief, but also be capable of communicating concepts to various stakeholders. He must be able to collaborate with different teams and departments.
  • Understanding about raw materials
  • Patience
  • Course in lifestyle accessory design: He should complete a course in lifestyle accessory design from a college that offers students capability to work systematically through design brief. It should hone their skills through practical experience. Additionally, the college must also ensure that students get perspective of how environmental & technological factors, economic, political & social issues etc. have an impact on art and design world. Furthermore, the curriculum must inculcate in students’ different ways of appreciating, approaching and perceiving varied types of jewellery, tools and components. Besides this, curriculum must ensure a curriculum that facilitates opportunities in both domestic as well as international market.

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