Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s New Product could change the face of Life Insurance Schemes in India

Insurance is a protective measure to cover the risk of erratic but costly events. Traditional term life insurance policies are a smart idea for most people who have dependents or other obligations.  These policies are relatively cheap and pay out a tax-free death benefit to your beneficiaries if you die before the end of the policy term.  They can use this money to pay off a mortgage, pay college expenses or fund living expenses. It is said by experts that you should never expect a return on your insurance dollar. The best return on insurance is no return!

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is one of India’s prominent life insurance companies. Bajaj Allianz is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. The joint venture incorporates global expertise with local experience. Both the companies enjoy a reputation of expertise, stability and strength. The companies guiding principle is delight of their customers. The policies provided by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance are designed such that they meet the requirements of the valued customers.

The Company began its operations in 2001 and today has a pan-India presence with 638* branches. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has a strong life insurance product portfolio ranging from Ulip to Term insurance, Child plans to Retirement plans, Group life insurance to Investment plans. The life insurance plans provided by Bajaj Allianz offers complete protection and financial stability for the customers during any sporadic events.

The talk of the town is that Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is coming up with an excellent investment product which will help individuals to attain their long-term financial goals. For attaining long-term financial goals is extremely difficult in today’s world, for that one can opt for this innovative product of Bajaj Allianz which has exceptional benefits of protection and growth. This new product by Bajaj Allianz Life will surely help in strengthening the brand’s overall product offerings and help the buyers chart their financial planning hassle free.

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Please do grab this wonderful opportunity by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance to sow the base of your life so that it can reap fruitful benefits for your future.

Bajaj Allianz is coming up with a product on the 22nd June 2017. You can visit the brand’s Twitter handle @BajajAllianzLIC and follow the brand’s Facebook page to know more about the product.

Stay tuned with us for more updates about the Launch.

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