Back Problems At The Office

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Today’s sedentary lifestyle of the people has given rise to many physical problems including obesity, anxiety and back problems. Among them, back problems are the most pronounced because with consistent pain, neither can you sit nor work properly. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

This infographic called “Back problems at office” tells us about the various back and spinal cord issues we could be prone to at our offices. But then, you are not alone in this. As already said, this is one of the most common problems arising from a sedentary lifestyle with no exercises.

In fact, this issue of back problems is becoming a concern for almost all businesses around the world as well. Nearly 50 million working days are lost every year owing to this back problem. Even if you are to show up at your office with your back problems, chances are that your productivity will not be 100% and may do more damage than it has already.

The infographic beautifully describes the steps needed to solve this problem; and one of the things that businesses could do, is adopt ergonomical chairs. These chairs are made in such a way that they provide comfort to all the vital areas of your body so that you can work comfortably without any hazard to your body parts. So your focus can be fully on the job at hand than worrying about your back or hands.

Likes: A well researched infographic that covers a vital characteristic that every office employee should be careful about. Good layout design as well.

Dislikes: Nothing much.

Back Problems Office

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