Baby Proofing Your Home

Today world has moved towards a modern era and an era of science. So our needs have also been swiftly moved towards modern needs.But looking at the perspective of the care of babies does that mean we should provide branded and good quality soap,toys and other various baby-care products to a baby, Is that enough for the care of our baby.We should look at other perspective also for the care of our baby, the care and precaution at home. So this infographic gives us information about the safety for a baby at home.

First the infographic tells the safety we should have around the house. There’s always a risk of electric shock for children at home because being small baby they tend to roam here and there at home and tends to touch things which can be dangerous ,like if the baby mistakenly put his finger in the electric socket then there is risk of baby being get electric shock and can be dangerous for the baby.So we should have  cover over unused sockets. And  also safety gates we should have at the top and bottom of  stairs so the baby don’t fall down stairs and get hurt.
Secondly the infographic tells about the safety in bathroom.We should take care that all medications and items such as razors , blades , rubbing alcohol are out of children’s reach. We should also  protect baby from knocking his head over the water spout in bath tub.

Then it tells about the safety in the  kitchen. Like ,the door of the refrigerator should be clocked so that the baby cant open it which otherwise would might hurt the baby. Stove knobs should also be locked so that the baby   cant accidentally turned on.
And then it describes about the necessary safety in the nursery and the safety we should have in the living room. And so in all this infographic gave a good knowledge about caring for the safety of our baby and have an babyproofing home .
So, Be Proactive.  Be Aware. Be Safe. And enjoy safe and happy family.

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Baby Proofing Your Home

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