Baby Potty Training – How to Potty Train Your Child

Baby Potty Training
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Potty training is the process of training your child to urinate and defecate in the toilet. This training usually starts with a potty which is a bowl-shaped container that consists of a handle and lid. Culture plays a major role in deciding the age to begin training your child. Some African tribes begin training when the child is 12 months old whereas, in the United States, it starts when the child is 36 months old. There are many books written on this concept as well. Before you start training your child, ensure that he/she is ready for this process. If you start this process too early, it will take longer than usual and could be frustrating for you as well as your child.

Given below is a step-by-step guide to successfully potty-train your child.

1) Potty Training – Make an introduction

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific age to begin the training. Ideally, start talking about it to your child around his/her first birthday. You will need to pique their interest about the concept. While talking to them occasionally introduce the topic and read books on training along with them. Your child needs to be comfortable with the concept and process.

2) Potty Training – Be aware

Observe your child and understand when he/she is ready to begin the process. Some of the signs that show he/she is ready are – the child talks about the potty, feels discomfort in dirty diapers, follows a schedule to go to the washroom, can dress themselves, etc.

3) Potty Training – Selecting the right device

There are many types of potty available in the market based on their design and make. Purchase the one that suits your child’s needs and comforts. At times, parents purchase more than one potty and place it in different locations in the house. A few doctors recommend against this and suggest that the parents purchase a single potty and place it in the bathroom.

4)Baby Potty training methods

In order to inculcate this habit in your child, take your child to the potty first thing in the morning as soon as they wake up and every two hours after that even if they do not have to go. The idea here is to create a ritual wherein your child is familiar with the surroundings and the procedure. If they do not have to go, read a story or play a game to make it a fun experience.

5) Potty Training Hygiene

It is necessary to teach your child proper hygiene when you are training them. Teach them how to clean themselves thoroughly and wash their hands afterwards. Buy a colourful soap to get your child excited about the cleaning process.

6) Potty Training – Incentive

Whenever your child uses the potty in an appropriate manner, praise them or reward them with a trip to the local park. Do not shower praises or buy them expensive gifts. The basic idea is to encourage them to use the potty frequently. Each child takes his/her own time to develop this habit. Encourage them whenever necessary, but do not scold them if they get it wrong.

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