The Scope of B Pharma in 21st Century India

Scope of B Pharma

Scope of B Pharma

The 21st century is about possibilities and offers an incredible amount of scope in different areas of the economy. Career options are plenty, and students are not limited as they were in the past. In today’s growing economy, students are free to pursue any career option and do well.

Pharmacy is not different, and in recent years, it has been consistently ranking amongst the top career choices. Students with a bent towards medicine, science, biology, physiology and pharmacology can make a great career in pharmacy. If you want to pursue pharmacy as a career, there are many degrees and diploma programs that can help kickstart your career. However, B Pharma or Bachelor of Pharmacy remains as one of the most preferred degree programs for students.

In the current economy, there’s a lot of B Pharma scope with different opportunities in the domain. So, if you are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy, here’s what you need to know about the career options and the overall B Pharma scope.

Entry Requirements for B Pharma

Before dwelling into the career options, knowing the entry requirements is necessary. For admission into B Pharma courses, students need a minimum 50% marks in class 10th and 12th. There are some universities that have a pre-enrolment process where students can apply to B Pharma course before their board exams. Also, students from both medical and non-medical streams with English, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/Biology subjects are eligible to apply.

B Pharma Scope – Career Opportunities

  1. Entrepreneurship

B Pharma puts much knowledge at a student’s disposal and enables them to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. Since students are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge, starting their own community pharmacy is entirely possible after a B Pharma degree.

Students who wish to be their own bosses and set up something on their own can make it big in the industry. Establishing your pharmacy and eventually transitioning it into multiple chains can be highly fruitful.

  1. Research and Development

Students who wish to pursue a career in academics or research and development can do so with a B Pharma degree. Yes, you will eventually have to pursue a post-graduation degree and a PhD to truly make a career in research and development. There is a sheer amount of options for research and development in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, clinical research centres and other organisations.

For research purpose, students can choose from a host of domains, including drug development, drug discovery, medical technologies, risk minimisation, regulation, and optimising medical prescriptions.

  1. Pharmacology

Pharmacology is an exciting field of study and deals with the way drugs interact with the body. B Pharma students can later specialise in pharmacology and even pursue research. Students can study and then work on how different effects of drugs, drug delivery, targeting, the interaction of drugs with food and nutrients and more. B Pharma scope is widening, and students can specialise in the field later.

  1. Drug Development

Drug development is the process involving the creation of new drugs and introducing them in the market. This field of study aligns itself with pharmaceutical chemistry and can be specialised in later after B Pharma. Students will learn about pre-clinical research and other stages of clinical trials. Things like regulatory issues and assessing financial viability are also taught to students in this course.

  1. Scientific Writer

Writing is another field that is quickly gaining traction and offers promising scope. If you don’t see yourself working as a research associate or working at a pharmacy and want to take up something that supports your knack for detail – writing could be a great avenue. Scientific writers are in huge demand because of their specific skills such as understanding of the medical field, biology, chemistry and pharmacy. As a scientific writer, you will cover host of different things, including new advances in pharmacy and beyond. The role will also see you in researching, editing scientific news and features for magazines and journals.

Pharmacy – A Promising Career

Pharmacy is a promising career path that offers students a host of different career options.  With the growing B Pharma scope, students have no limitation. The only thing to consider here is an excellent university that supports you through your course. Choose a university that offers a unique curriculum to improve your post B Pharma scope. Universities like UPES offer a 4-year B Pharma program that’s geared towards the industry needs. The program covers everything in the healthcare sector, including biochemical areas concerning the preparation of medicine to implementing for the right diagnosis. The university is also India’s first and only university to be rated QS 5 stars for employment.

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