Awesome Facts Part 3

Perhaps the greatest, or most awesome, thing is not the thing itself but how it makes you think, react or do. Such a thing is found in the “Awesome Facts Part 3” infographic. There, it is stated that one scene in the film City Lights had to be retaken 324 times, most likely by Charlie Chaplin himself as he was the director, producer, actor, editor, script-writer, and music director of the film.

This reminds us that the Howard Hughes film, Hell’s Angels took so long to produce that, even though it began in 1927, it could not be completed until after the advent of talking pictures. This caused a great deal of torment and changes to the film because one actress was Norwegian, and she was portraying a British actress, which was acceptable on a silent screen but ridiculous when being heard.

It also reminds us of the Indian film, Sholay. This took an equally long time to produce. In the credits, one of the actresses was shown with her maiden name. By the time that the film was released, she had not only married (to one of her fellow actors of the film) but also gave birth to a daughter, and was pregnant with her second child!

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to authors and to books. It has been said that it took Ayn Rand about 14 years to complete Atlas Shrugged. So, what do you think of the other facts in Awesome Facts, Part 3? What do they make you think of or remember?

Likes: The various factoids are appreciated, especially about cell phones is note-worthy.

Dislikes: As always with this series, there ought to be more awesome facts presented.

Awesome Facts Part 3



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