Average Hours of Work Around the World

Most of the countries across the world have their own set of work hours that decide the happiness quotient of the employees and also the working conditions in those countries. A few countries like Denmark and Canada are especially known for being one of the best places to work and they have good employee benefits along with the hours of work being reasonable.

In this info graphics titled, “Average Hours of Work around the World,” you will see which countries are the most suitable for you to work. While on an average, most of the countries employ for nearly thirty to thirty five hours per week, countries like North Korea make their employees slog through forty four hours per week.

Whatever is your profession, if you are a marketing professional, a consultant, etc, your average time spent working in a variety of countries also decides your standard of living and work conditions. A few countries count wages per hour and few per day. It is a different metric for different places across the world.

The income that most of the employees get also differs when working in a different country. You might get paid per week or every month. But, your income is mostly calculated based on hourly wages. No matter where you are, this is a pretty interesting infographic that aims to highlight how long people in different countries work, when compared to yourself.

Likes- Average count of work per week in most of the countries.

Dislikes- Have not covered all countries and the job categories aren’t present.
Average Hours of Work Around the World

Courtesy: dailyinfographic.com

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