April Fools on the Web

Playing pranks on April fool’s day is quite popular worldwide. Have you ever tried playing a prank on anybody? This infographic titled “April Fools 2011” covers interesting facts about the fools’ day celebrated during April 2011. This infographic begins with a bar graph representing the number of hours spent reading about April fools pranks online. One can witness that the number has only increased since 2006. The top online pranks for the year 2011 include YouTube 1911, Gmail motion, Google auto completer and the 3D Shark.

The infographic also covers the online brands that rarely get into April fools spirit. These include Amazon, Twitter, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo. Google is a top prankster when it comes to online April Fools pranks. Since 2000, Google has never failed to fool its users. Mentalplex, pigeon rank, Copernicus, Google gulp, romance, virgle, cadie and Topeka have been the top pranks played by Google.

You can Google to know more about these amazing pranks that Google cleverly came up with. 1/3rd of workers play a prank at their workplace as per this infographic. Other notable web pranks have also been mentioned in this infographic and some of these are pretty cool. You would be amazed to know how cleverly these web pranks have been framed to fool the people. Must go through this infographic for amazing and hilarious content!

Likes: Interesting topic, covers all major online pranks, good use of graphical tools, facts have also been summarized.

Dislikes: Too much text makes this infographic dull.
April Fools 2011

courtesy: zippycart.com

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