April Fool’s Day Stats

April Fool’s Day is the time of the year, people take delight in plotting and planning to fool each other. Individuals get to show their naughty side on this day and unleash their pranks on unsuspecting victims. A dash of fun is a welcome relief for everyone.

Its time to break the monotony of regular life and laugh it off. Pranks played by people can be simple ones to very elaborate. The objective of a prank is not just making a fool of someone, but also enjoying a good laugh.

Afterall , these are the fun memories, we get to carry in our life. Find out some interesting stats about All Fool’s Day in this infographic. On April Fool’s Day, most individuals get mischievous, hoping to fool someone, while few others get paranoid about getting pranked.

Friends are the major target for pranks and boss is the least targeted person. Changing time in clocks is considered as the best prank by 26% people. Majority of individuals think that there is no age limit for playing pranks; everybody needs a dose of laughter.

Infographic Source :- graphs.net

April Fool’s Day Stats
April Fool’s Day Stats


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