Android Market 2010

Did you know that the market for Android is booming around the world? Yes, it is not only you who is fascinated with these apps and Android features. Apparently, as many as 45% had Android as their first smartphones. So are they friendlier? Are they easier to use? You decide. But the facts state that Android remains the top most favorite among the smart phone users around the world. Even users of Apple have turned to Android– as many as 8% of the people now use Android phones who used to previously use iPhones, according to this infographic called “Android market 2010”.

So you want to know which type of smart phone is doing the best. You have your answer. But if you want to dig a little deeper and see why these things are happening and the statistics to support them, then you will have to take a look at this infographic which suggests that there is a wide usage of Android phones around the world.

Furthermore, would you like to know how the Android users like to spend their smart phone batteries? They simply sway away with games, but most of the time they are using their email too– this might give you the idea that most Android users are professionals, they are not. There are users of all age groups.

Likes: The infographic is very fun to read. It is presented in a simple manner such that anyone can find it pretty easy to read.

Dislikes: There is nothing to dislike about it.

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Android Market 2010 1


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