5 Reason Why New Android Lollipop Smartphones are Much Smarter


The millions of android powered Smartphone users from around the world have been eagerly waiting to get the new Android update on their android mobile phone or tablets. As Android is rolling out the new updates to the users, it has received great reviews and positive comments from the users owning to its smart innovations that are much advanced than the earlier OS, KitKat. If you are keen on buying a new android phone that is powered by lollipop, you can buy it online by using Amazon discount coupons to get attractive discount on your purchase.

If you are intrigued about why the new OS update is such a rage, the following features will help you understand why it rated as the best.

Battery Adjustments

One thing that iOS phones have an advantage over the Android phones is its superior batter that lasts a long time. With the advent of Android Lollipop, Google negates that difference too. The new update has given priority on improving the battery life. The update will also give you much needed information about how long will it take for your phone to charge completely, how much time is left before your drains out completely, you get all this information on the home screen. With this improvement you would surely like to have an android smartphone but before you but it online, you must check for couponraja offers and buy a swanky, new phone at discounted price.


Built-in flashlight

Before the release of Android lollipop, the mobile users were actually puzzled to know why Google did not have a flashlight pin on the notification panel at the home screen just like Apple. However, with the release of Lollipop, Google bought the much awaited change, the LED flashlight pin on the home screen. The pin works similar to the iOS flash light, you simply have to pull down the pin to switch on the flash light.

Trusted Places

This is an excellent addition to the long list of smart features of Android Lollipop. Although most users have a secure code for their phones, it is a cumbersome task to enter the codes every time to unlock the phone. With the new updated, you can save the task of entering security codes when you are in a certain safe locations like home, car or any other spaces. You simply have to adjust the setting on your phone and declare certain places as safe zones and once you reach the safe zones you need not unlock the phone.

Prioritize apps

Although you would like to have plenty of apps on your home, sometimes you would find it super annoying to be bombarded with various notifications through the day. This is where the new update helps you, it allows you to prioritize your apps so that you get notifications only from the app that you want.

Access to Chromecast

The lollipop updated eliminates the need of using any third party application to access Google Chromecast. The new update brings with it an official app that helps you connect with the chromecast with just a tap of a button and you can enjoy watching live streaming of all your favorite shows.



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