Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

Different religions of the world have different ideas about God and evolution. Of course science has provided us one explanation, but there are different ideas about how the world came into place, in different faiths and religions. One of those is the Hebrew depiction. Long before the modern era, the Hebrews had a perception of life, God and the Universe. What is that perception? This is what is answered in this infographic called “Ancient Hebrew Cosmology”.

What’s more? They even went on to depict God in their cosmic beliefs. The ancient civilizations around the world didn’t separate God from Science. It was all interwoven as one. This is what we also see in this infographic.

From what it seems like in this picture, the Ancient Hebrews believed that heaven is a place above the Earth and that the Earth is hollow and within it, the Sun, moon, seas and oceans reside. Indeed, that is a false perception, but it is interesting to note the different beliefs these civilizations had.

They also had accounted the great flood and how the Earth came into place. This infographic seems to have captured all of it into one structure, illustrating the different effects of the Earth according to the Hebrew idea.

Likes: It is really very well described. The picture speaks for itself. All the things portrayed are as per the ancient Hebrew beliefs.

Dislikes: There could have been a short note towards the end, for those who do not know what the Hebrew ideal was. This could make them understand it better.

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology


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