An Overview of Programming

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. Programs form the core of computers. Without programs, it is very difficult to imagine functioning with computers. This infographic titled “An Overview of Programming” covers amazing facts about computer programming. Did you ever know that the first programmer was a woman? If you wish to know more such facts, then you must check out this cool infographic on computer programming.

In 1842, Ada Lovelace translated an article about Charles Babbage on analytic engine. She described a computer algorithm in her translation and that was considered to be the first program ever written. In 1954, the first high level computer programming language was used– FORTRAN was invented by John Backus of IBM. In 1957, it was released commercially. In 1961, the first computer game Spacewar was launched. This game was programmed by Steve Russell. It took roughly 200 man hours to program this game.

The most amazing fact is that Steve Russell, the programmer of the game, never profited from it. In 1983, Fred Cohen designed the first virus program. He designed a program that could infect a computer, copy itself and infect other computers with the aid of a floppy disk. A brief history of internet has also been provided in this infographic. There is even info about the salaries of computer programmers. This infographic is a cool one overall and is a great source of information on programming.

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 The Origins of Programming


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