An Ode to Scams in India

Did you know the number of scams occurring in India? They are several and if you want the figure in crores, they will run into lakhs of crores! These scams have taken important resources from our country, leaving it a dry nation to just rot in the debts of the World Bank. I wish these people in power had thought about the country before their vested interests; the shape of India would have been different then. India is not lacking in resources, it is lacking people with good intentions as well.

Well, this infographic “An Ode to Scams in India” perfectly describes all that goes on within the country. It even goes about showing how much each individual has lost due to these scams and you wouldn’t believe some of these figures quoted. In short, all the details and the ins and outs of the shameless scams have been depicted in this infographic, to educate and inform the average citizen.

If you think scams are a minor issue and there are bigger issues in India than this, then remember, hunger and poverty leads to the maximum number of crimes and the amount that has been drained off India due to these scams would give you a wakeup call. It is a must read for every Indian who cares about his or her country.

Like: This infographic is very detail oriented which is both intriguing as well as alarming.

Dislikes: No issues with the facts and figures, but overall the infographic could’ve been visually more appealing.

An Ode to Scams in India Infographic


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