What Americans Want for Christmas 2011

Things have certainly changed since we were children, or from the passage of time. Back then, we were content with stuffed animals, toy cars or trucks, Lego, or other trinkets, and a bicycle was an once-in-a-lifetime gift. Moreover, 25+ years ago, there were no such gifts as laptops, tablets, smartphones, iWatches and the like. Now, and as shown in the “What Americans Want for Christmas 2011” infographic, we can purchase them, but each will cost at least $100.

However, more important than what they want for Christmas is what they do not or should not want for Christmas. The infographic shows that Lego is a very popular gift for toddlers and is priced at under $50. Lego itself, though, would probably advise against that because the pieces can get into the mouths of toddlers who may accidentally swallow them.

A VHS tape rewinder is shown as being among the worst Christmas gifts ever. But what decade, century or millennium is this? Even if this was provided for historical purposes, it has no relevance today. We doubt that even Amazon sells this now.

Equally horrible would be a gift of socks. We feel pity not for the recipient but for the giver. In what condition must he or she be in to give such a gift? On the other hand, a gift of a fruitcake may not be so bad. Like the film “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, it is so bad that it is good. Some fruitcakes are actually palatable.

Likes: Great theme and wonderful ideas for Christmas presents.

Dislikes: This may seem outdated since we have a plethora of new gadgets and toys in the market currently.

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