American And European Roulette. What Is The Difference?

The Rouelle is the real ruler of the casino business. This French word Rouelle is now popularly known as Roulette and literally, means ‘spinning wheel’.

The game was conceptualized and came into existence around the mid 18th century and has been around for approximately a century. The popularity of the game can be attributed to the fact that it is equally famous on the web platform as it has been in its traditional medium. The game is fairly simple and offers lucrative betting and winning options to both novices and the seasoned players.

The wheel consists of black and red pockets marked with different numbers and the player is ideally expected to predict the pocket the ball will land when the wheel eventually stops spinning. The players are free to place bets on combinations of numbers to maximize their chances of winning. The two most popular versions of this are the game is American and European.

The American roulette has double zeroes whereas its European counterpart exhibits only one zero. The American version comes with 38 pockets compared to only 37 pockets in the European version.

The European version boasts the En Prison rule in their version and it goes missing in the American version. The chips used in the European version are of the same color whereas the chips in the American version comes in different colors.

The Roulette wheel occupies the European version occupies a central position on the table whereas in the American version it is placed towards the far end of the table. Despite the differences, the game has retained its charm in both the continents and will continue to do so all across the globe.

American And European Roulette. What Is The Difference? 1