Best Salad Bars in Mumbai

Best Salad Bars in Mumbai 1

The streets of Mumbai are filled with numerous outlets of junk food. Resisting these fattening foods isn’t made any easier with restaurants serving up delicious set menu. Also family gatherings are bursting with samosas, jalebis, cakes, meats or simply everything laden with fat! But many restaurants in Mumbai include Salad bars and many other light foods which are a blessing in disguise for offering a menu to eat and keep healthy for their customers.Salad bars are buffet-style table or counter at a restaurant on which salad components are provided for customers to assemble their own salad plates. Most salad bars in Mumbai  provide lettuce, chopped tomatoes, assorted raw, sliced vegetables (such as cucumbers, carrots), bacon bits, shredded cheese, and various types of salad dressing. Some salad bars also have additional food items such as cooked cold meats (e.g., chicken, ham, or tuna fish), cooked beans (e.g., chick peas or kidney beans), deviled eggs, cold pasta salads, corn chips, bread rolls, soup, and fresh cut fruit slices.

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Salad bars are everywhere in Mumbai, from supermarket, your favorite steak restaurant and even the airport. A good salad bar is full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. There are also some not-so-healthy choices and a few health impostors too. We need to choose carefully from the menu what exactly to pick and what to skip. Starting with the eating ones; lettuce, vegetables, fruits, proteins are a must because of their low calorie rate and richness in nutrients and avoiding or carefully choosing salad dressing, cheeses, toppings having high calorie rate.

Salad lovers have often poached about the one-bowl rule imposed by eateries at their salad buffets in the metropolitan city. And so, salad bar hacking also called the art of stacking food high on one’s plate has become a popular practice among restaurant patrons here. Many outlets across the world have stopped the salad bars in most countries for the simple reason that it’s leading to huge amounts of wastage. It also ends up adding to the food cost which in turn does bring down profitability.

People have tendency to just fill up on salads and skip meals. It can have an adverse effect on health, if this practice is not stopped. Salads are good, but they can’t replace your meals. They should only supplement them. Since most of the time salads are served raw, one is prone to infections if they are not washed properly. Also, most of the time salad dressings are rich, and consuming them in excess can lead to diarrhea. Since one doesn’t feel satisfied with salads, it’s also likely to give you gas or cause insomnia.

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