All About the Junk Mail

All About the Junk Mail 1

Junk mail is not just the one that you see in the spam folder of your inbox, but also the unnecessary and unwanted offer mails that get posted to your homes. Most of the times, these mails about offers and promotions about credit cards from your banks, etc, don’t even get opened. They go to the trash directly. In this infographic titled,” All About the Junk Mail”, you will see how many resources including trees cut, water used, and money is spent on some mail that will not even be read.

There are merely only two percent of conversions for every three hundred and odd million junk mails sent. Not just that, millions of dollars too are spent in sending the junk mail with no returns. Therefore, this kind of mail is considered an absolute waste of time and resources.

Since you can opt to get your bills, magazines, subscriptions, newspapers etc online, the need for creating any kind of print on paper is getting reduced. Though people prefer to get digital mail, they still get paper junk in their mail boxes which only gets thrown out. Lot of color ink is also wasted while creating this junk. This kind of junk also takes up lots of space on the land before disposing or recycling it.


Informative about how paper is getting wasted through junk mail.


Too much information displayed in a very uninteresting format. Numbers and figures might not always interest all the users.

All About Junk Mail [infographic]


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