Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?

Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone? 1

Post social networking, mobile addiction has increased. No matter what the age and what the event; mobile phone addiction has taken a toll over the lives of many people. Before going to bed, after you wake up, the first thing people do is check their messages, update, and access some apps on the mobile phone. This is just one of the few instances of the mobile phone addiction. In this infographic titled “Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?” you will see the funnier facts of mobile addiction that most of us are guilty of having.

Teenagers are the most addicted to their mobile phones. Their day starts and ends with using their mobile phones for a variety of things, such as, messaging, playing games on phone, chatting for long hours, etc. More than eighty percent of people across the world own mobile phones, while more than only thirty percent of people own smart phones.

Though smartphones have made it easy for the working class to pay their bills online, send and receive mails online, and perform most of the official tasks using the mobile, mobile addiction is still considered unhealthy for a better life and relationships. You will have spent more time virtually, making virtual relationships, than having any real relationships and experience. If you ask people to give up alcohol, sex, or chocolate, they would rather do that, instead of giving up mobile addiction.


Funny take on mobile addiction, considering all the different aspects of life.


None as such.

The use of smartphones is taking over our lives. This infographic examines mobile phone usage characteristic then explores common scenarios that could lead to mobile phone addiction. In conclusion, turning off your mobile phone to avoid addiction might not be the best idea, since the stress that comes with not being able to communicate with others could just make things worse. Are you ready to switch off?  Via: Cash Generator

Mobile Phone Infographic

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