What are the Add-on Covers for Bike Insurance Policies?



Riding a bike with a comprehensive cover offers you extensive coverage. But, you can enhance it further by adding extra benefits to your bike insurance at a nominal additional cost. These extra benefits are add-ons for motor insurance that help secure your ride more extensively. Let’s look at some of the important ones for your bike.

Different types of bike insurance add-ons

Some of the well-known add-on covers that you must have in your motor insurance are:

Roadside assistance add-on

Roadside assistance is your trustworthy companion when you are stranded on the road with your damaged bike. If you have roadside assistance (RSA) add-on in your motor insurance, the insurer will provide you with immediate on the spot mechanical assistance. If necessary, the insurer will also assist you with towing your bike to the nearest garage. The following are some of the major advantages of including this coverage in your bike insurance:

  • If your bike stops running due to minor damage, the RSA add-on ensures that you get on-spot repair services.
  • In case your bike battery is discharged, RSA ensures that the mechanic revives your battery on the spot.
  • Under this cover, you will be provided with tank refuelling services if your bike has come to a halt because of an empty fuel tank.
  • RSA cover also arranges emergency transportation and accommodation if your bike takes longer to fix at the garage.


However, read the fine print and check the threshold limit when opting for this add-on.

Zero depreciation cover

Depreciation is the percentage reduction in the market value of your bike with each passing year. To understand the implications of depreciation, keep in mind that if your bike gets damaged in an accident or due to other unforeseen events, your insurer will compensate you after deducting the depreciation value. However, if you have zero depreciation add-on in your motor insurance, you can receive the full claim amount after necessary deductions.


Some of the inclusions of this add-on are:


  • It compensates for the depreciation of plastic parts.
  • It covers the depreciation of nylon and rubber components.



NCB protect cover

No Claim Bonus or NCB is a reward that you earn for not filing any claim during a policy period. The NCB percentage can range anywhere between 20% and 50%. However, when you raise a claim for your Activa insurance or any other bike model’s insurance, the NCB benefits are terminated. As a result you lose the discount that you could have received on the renewal premium. However, when you have an NCB protection cover in your bike insurance, your NCB remains intact despite filing a claim.


Some of the common features of NCB protect cover in motor insurance are:

  • The NCB protect add-on is applicable only on the own damage portion of the policy.


  • Under this add-on cover, the initial two claims during a policy period do not terminate your accumulated NCB.


However, it is important to note that if you file a fraudulent own damage claim, the NCB protection cover is terminated.


Return to invoice cover


What would you do in a situation where your bike is irreparably damaged in an unfortunate event or if it was stolen from a parking lot? The financial loss during such events is unbearable. However, if you have return-to-invoice cover in your bike insurance, you can minimise your loss. Want to know how? Here’s the answer.


A return-to-invoice cover protects your bike from theft or loss if the damage is beyond repair or more than 70%. If you have this add-on in your motor insurance, the insurer will compensate you as per the invoice value that you paid at the time of the bike purchase.


Some of the features of the return-to-invoice add-on cover are:

  • If your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repairs, this add-on will compensate you with an amount equal to your bike’s on-road price.


  • Return-to-invoice add-on also covers the bike’s registration charges as well as road tax that you have paid at the time of bike purchase.


  • Return-to-invoice cover of your bike insurance will not cover the theft cases if the stolen bike is recovered within the 90 days of theft.


To Conclude


Add-ons enhance the scope of coverage of your bike insurance. However, when purchasing an add-on, it is critical to consider your needs as well as your budget. Buying any additional benefits that are not necessary for your bike will raise your motor insurance cost unnecessarily. So read the benefits of add-ons available with your motor insurance provider thoroughly and add the right ones to your bike insurance.

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