7 Wellness Activities for Active Senior Citizens to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

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Progressive seniors of today

Seniors of this generation have a progressive outlook towards life. They are focused towards leading a fulfilling life and understand the importance of healthy living.  Eating healthy and indulging in mild exercise forms, such as going for leisurely walks are simple ways to stay physically and mentally fit. But have you ever thought of infusing your daily fitness routine with some free-spiritedness? Achieving your fitness goal with a bit of enjoyment  amongst like-minded individuals does sound interesting. For starters, here is a list of 7 activities for seniors that are enjoyable and rewarding at the same time.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that keeps you fit. It is particularly beneficial for those who have a joint or muscle problem. Low impact workout routine like swimming is great to attain overall fitness and helps keep vital parameters of the body such as BP, sugar levels and cardiovascular diseases in check.  A few laps across the community pool can also help relieve stress and improve the blood circulation in the body.  Swim a couple of times in a week and witness the difference it can make to your overall fitness and mind space.


Research has revealed that “Aerobic activity is a powerful stimulus for improving mental health and is also great for physical movement, attainting balance and body co-ordination.  Aerobics is a group activity, and a typical session lasts for 45 minutes. You will be required to perform different variations of the exercise such as stepping, flexing and bending. If you are a beginner, you might experience a bit of soreness in the muscle, however once you get accustomed to the routine, it is an excellent way to achieve your fitness goal in the most exciting and rhythmic way. However, before making aerobics a part of your fitness regime, do check with your physician and take his or her advice.


If you were an athlete in your youthor simply enjoy outdoor activities, what better way to workout than a game of your favourite sport? Enjoy a game of tennis, badminton, squash or golf and take a step towards senior active living.


Yoga is a tried and tested exercise form that is excellent for your body and mind. You can start with Yoga at any age, in fact experts believe that this ancient art form helps one age better and improves flexibility and strength of the body through simple and low impact moves.  If you are novice, it is best to start Yoga under the supervision of a certified instructor. Working out in a group helps you share experiences and learn new ways to derive the most from this form of exercise. Stay physically fit, mentally alert, and enhance your spirituality through Yoga.


Not everyone is a big fan of running or jogging. However, once you start with slow walk and progress to brisk walking and eventually start jogging, you will be surprised to discover how liberating the experience can be. You will become more confident, fit and happy.  Any activity that raises the heart beat is excellent for cardiovascular health. It lowers the BP and also helps in controlling diabetes. When you engage in any form of workout, your body is said to trigger positive and happy feeling. Therefore, if you wish to cut down the health risks related with ageing and improve your emotional health, go for jogging or brisk walking 4-5 times in a week.


Senior Active living does not necessarily mean engaging in a rigorous workout routine. Even a simple activity around the house such as gardening can keep you healthy and fit.  There are several benefits of gardening. It helps you stayconnected with nature. Even if your home does not have a front or back yard, you can carry your passion for gardening on the roof top or even on thebalcony of your home.  Gardening requires a good amount of flexing and bending which is excellent for your fitness. Once you finish your daily session in maintaining your garden, you also get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your effort.


Reading is said to vitalizeone’s mind and for avid book readers, a well stocked library can be an absolute blessing for quiet pursuits. Books can be one’s best companion and can be highly intellectually stimulating for mental wellness.

There are so many ways to live an active lifestyle and stay fit. Understand your body and accordingly decide upon an activity that can help you relax. Senior living communities today make sure that these activities are provided for their residents as a part of their overall offering. Antara Senior Living for example in Dehradun, has a specially designed Clubhouse which is divided into 7 activity zones  and provides for an ideal setting for quiet pursuits as well as energetic exercise and community activities.Don’t push too hard and at the same time don’t hold yourself back. Whether you choose an exercise routine or play a sport, these physical tasks help you stay lean, happy, and healthy for long.

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