Everything You Need To Know About Bar Billiards, We Get It Covered Here

Bar Billiards

Bar Billiard

Do you want to know all about bar billiards? Do you wish to excel in the game of bar billiards? Here, we will get it all covered. The game of Bar billiards has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Though its origin lies in foreign countries, it has gained huge popularity in India as well.

To win in every game of bar billiards, you should first have proper knowledge of the game. In this article, we will tell you all about bar billiards, what exactly the game is, and their gameplay and rules. So, let’s dig in!

Know all about Bar Billiards

To win in any game be it bar billiards, you should develop a proper understanding of the game as the topmost priority. Without proper knowledge of rules and gameplay, you won’t be able to surpass your opponent and win swiftly. So, it is important to get a stronghold of the fundamental skills initially before moving into polishing your skills. Hence, here, we have come with basic knowledge of the game.

  • What is Bar Billiards?

Bar billiards is the subtype of billiards or pool games. The game of bar billiards is quite different from that of a normal pool game or billiards. In this game of billiards, there are side pockets. However, it comes with a special table that has nine holes on the surface of the table. These nine holes have value points over them, which range from 10 to 200. Bar billiards is popularly termed as Russian Billiards in many parts of the world.

  • Equipment of the game

The game has; Bar billiards table, which has no pockets rather holes in its surface (5 in a row at the far end and the rest four set in a diamond). The value of the nearest hole in the front is 200. The next two holes in the diamond set have 50 points each, the hole in the middle has 100 points and the rest have points as 30, 30, 10, 20, and 30. The skittle is placed before the hole worth 200.

There are some balls that are present in the trough or behind the baulk line. These balls are not yet played and are referred to as – in baulk. Now we will be looking at the rules and gameplay and how you can become a pro player in it when you start playing the game in Getmega.

  • Rules and gameplay of Bat Billiards

Starting – Which player will start is decided by flipping the coin. The red ball is put on its spot and the one who is starting takes the white ball for a strike. The game is played between 2 people but can extend to 3 to 4 players.

Play – The turn comes to an end only when any of the players will make a foul or non-scoring strike. Normally, a red ball is hit as it will give you double points. The white ball gives the whole point and the red ball gives double points.

Other rules – Here are some other less-oft used rules.

  • If there is a lack of ball in the trough to strike, the one which is near the baulk line is used.
  • The ball is returned to the baulk if the skittle is knocked over and a ball prevents it from being replaced.
  • The ball is returned to the baulk if it comes to rest at D.
  • The skittle is placed in its spot before the next strike if it is moved and not knocked over.
  • During the strike both white and black skittle were knocked down. Then it is seen that if a black skittle is knocked down first, then the entire score goes to zero. If white skittle topples first, then the score turns into nothing. In both cases, there is a penalty.

Finish – Most of the time, there is a set duration for the game, normally between 15 to 20 minutes. As the game’s duration gets to its end, the potted ball no longer returns at the front of the table. In this way, all the balls are potted and only one ball remains.

The last ball – At this point, there is another unique rule. Here two white skittles are put into the hole carrying 50 points and top holes are also guarded. The game is only played if the player can put the ball into a hole of point 100 or 200. Players take their turns till this happens or else the game is forfeited as the ball falls into a different hole.


The game of bar billiards is quite engaging and interesting. It has gained huge popularity and it is played in different parts of the world. There are online games for bar billiards as well. You can play bar billiards in Getmega – the online gaming platform and earn real money from there. You can play with your friends and family and win amazing cash prizes.

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