A Year Of Advertisements

Talking about the year 2014, the first thing which most people would think is about the elections which were held in country at national level and state level.This elections not only witnessed the highest people participation but also it changed the dynamics of the political parties campaigning for itself.

The nation as a whole has taken a huge leap towards the online world and has taken the social media websites viz Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp as their main weapons in the election war. With traditional ways of advertisements taking the back seat in this elections, India has surely taken a step to be among the race of most tech-savvy nations which uses social media platform to broadcast their achievements and also to connect to the huge mass to whom they want to woo with their tall promises. This clearly indicates the role of advertisements or rather marketing in creating a brand in the eyes of people.

Marketing plays a major role in building a products image. Marketing is basically presenting itself in front of huge mass. Marketing means making people aware of their product and creating a brand among themselves. There’s a popular saying in hindi that “Jo Dikhta Hai,Wo Bikta Hai”and it holds true across all fields.

Last year saw a huge turnaround in online advertisements as people took over social websites for each and everything. Reason being its quick, genuine and it can touch a huge mass within seconds. And the main driving force behind this transformation is Mobile devices. Today we are just a click away with anything and everything we want. With mobile internet data penetrating into our lives, it has not only changed the way we look at world but also has changed the rules of the game called marketing and advertising

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The year might have ended but the trend of online or rather mobile marketing and advertising will surely go uphill.To support the analysis which I have done, I would like you to watch the following video which gives the clear statistics and data to prove the basis of my writings.

Source :- www.youtube.com

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