A Step Towards Sanitation With Domex

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Sanitation means maintaining personal hygiene, which is achieved by not only keeping ourselves clean but also our surrounding clean. And the major roadblock which comes in our way towards keeping our surrounding clean mainly in rural areas is ‘Open-Defecation’. Open defecation is the practice of defecating outside or in public. This is mainly done because of no access to toilets or filthy toilets.

Hello Friends, I am Babli, a teenage girl living in small village on outskirts of Bihar. The above things were taught to me by my teacher in our school, which holds true across pan-India and world, but it is very disappointing to know that, in India, along with me there are still 597 million people who defecate in open which is not only hazardous to our society but also to ourselves. Being a girl, the problem associated with open defecation for me is much more as compared to other gender. Every day I am forced to defecate in open, which is very much dangerous consider the factors like safety, dignity, health etc. Even if a single household is defecating in the open, that household can be a source of diarrhea for all households. Today, a toilet at my place or at least in my surrounding with proper sanitation facilities is the need of the hour which will help us in keeping diseases at bay.

We aren’t stranger to above situation, nor is it that we haven’t faced it anytime in our life. The only thing which we haven’t done is to act towards this serious threat to the surrounding, but it’s high time now that we break our silence and take a step towards it. In this world, there are two types of people viz; preachers and doers, and definitely Domex come in the latter part of people. Domex has taken a step towards this serious issue with its campaign called #ToiletForBabli, in which it will contribute towards building toilets in rural areas which will surely help the people to stay healthy. This innovative cause will be very much useful to millions of people staying in rural areas of India. We should be very proud that we still have many people/organizations like Domex around us who think of our society and nation and take a step towards its development.

Since we cannot take time from our busy schedules and our daily routine, Domex has come up with an idea where we can contribute towards this noble cause by just clicking on their website. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Today the main reason because of which sanitation is in sorry state is lack of funds. Management is also one of the other issues. If we cannot contribute physically by visiting to those rural areas, the least we can do towards our society is by contributing a small chunk of our earnings towards this good cause, and encourage organization like Domex to take up such good initiatives all the time so that there is no kid like Babli in future who would risk her health and safety for the daily chores which is extremely essential.

So let’s join our hands towards this noble cause of #ToiletForBabli by just clicking on their website www.domex.in  and make India a ‘No Open-Defecation’ place to live in.

Below is the infographic shared by worldbank.org entitled “What’s a Toilet Worth?” highlighting the lack of access to sanitation and how much it cost the world every year.

What's a Toilet Worth?

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