A Day in the Life of Social Media

Do you still think that social media is just for the teenagers? Are you one of those who don’t believe in the era of Facebook and discard Twitter? Then check this video out. It might enlighten you about the power that social media has in today’s date. It can really alter our lives; in fact, thousands of businesses are running on the power of social media platforms.
People hardly talk face to face as much as they chat and tweet about each other on these networks. They have revolutionized the way people communicate. Want to know whether your spouse is still angry at you after the brawl last night? Check their Facebook posts. Want to know if your office colleague is taking that big promotion? Have an Eagle’s eye on their timeline on Facebook.
It is hard to ignore that the effects of social media are contagious. Without Facebook and Twitter, people would not have met each other across boundaries and states. There might not have been such communal interaction as it is now happening. Really, what would life be without these?
Did you know, within the next 24 hours, about 700,000 new users will join Facebook? This means that only in America alone, there will be 127,000,000. Still not grasped it? Watch this video.

How powerful can social media be? Watch and find out.

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