A Day in the Life of India- TOI’s Campaign

A day in life of India is a mixed bag of contradictory things. As much as you might spend time in yoga, you might also end up doing some “jugaad” to get through to the day. For instance, shop keepers who don’t want to give you a change, will give you chocolates instead. In this infographic titled, “A Day in the Life of India- TOI’s Campaign” you will see the interesting random, contradictory things in India that make life exciting for Indians.

As much as there is chaos in the traffic jams not just due to vehicles alone but also due to slow moving buffalos, auditions happening for some shows, and a variety of things, you will see that most of the commuters somehow get through the traffic and reach their office. You might find some contradictory things such as a lot of garbage next to a park that is supposed to give you fresh air.

You might find funny boards with funny spellings and instructions. The person teaching in spoken English class might end up making a lot of mistakes while speaking. You will find people playing cricket in small lanes on the road. You will find separate AC/ non-AC/ Veg and non-veg restaurants. In all these places rates vary as per the facilities provided. Overall a very funny and detailed infographic that is sure to bring a smile on your face.


Humorous way of depicting a day of life in India using a colorful sketch and text.


Too chaotic, just like the traffic jams in India.

A Day in the Life of India Infographic

Courtesy: labnol.org

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