9/11 Ten Years Later

9/11 is a date the Americans will never forget. The aftermath of the incident shook the nation for years to come. Although with each passing years people have become more and more enlightened about the real cause behind these attacks, and have been able to hold the person responsible for it, the true solace came over the citizens when Osama Bin Laden was finally captured and mutilated.

In this infographic β€œ9/11 Ten Years Later”, there is a flashback of the incident and it’s after effects, and there is the whole incident and how it took place. They say once the wounds are healed, there is no pain in looking back. You can look back at it and how things fell into place in this infographic. It depicts the entire incident which is not only significant for the American citizens but for the internal crowd as a whole.

The first question is: do they really remember? According to this infographic we do. Given that America is one of the busiest nations that we know, it is quite likely that you would think that they are way ahead of it and have already overcome it, but this infographic, based on research, shows that 26% of the Americans still think of that incident in shock and horror.

What was the effect of this attack? One would think fear was the effect, but it was more than that. The attack created increased unity among the citizens; it enhanced the patriotism among the nationals. Did you know there were about 2,819 casualties in the terrorist attack? Humans died, plus a bomb sniffing dog lost its life too. This threat, America will never forget, and so does the rest of the world.


The infographic is very engrossing. The details are well presented.


Nothing as such.

Post September 11 World
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