9 Tips to Choose The Best Bookmaker for Sports Betting

Sports Betting
Sports Betting

There are a lot of betting opportunities making their way onto the internet providing betting options for different sports, which is very rejoicing for punters who now look to enter the betting world. But in online sports betting, it isn’t just about picking the winning side, it is also picking the right online bookmaker with who would have to trust and deal with.

And with so many bookmakers entering the market every day, how do you go about deciding on a company which is the best for you? Worry not, as in this article, we provide pointers on how to pick a trusted and reliable bookmaker for you.

But remember a hard truth, betting companies are here to make money and aren’t going to provide you with loads of cash at the throw of the hat. If they did, they would be out of business. So the key is to find one who would enhance your betting experience while also working on a fair market sense. 

Choose the Best Bookmaker in Sports Betting based on these 9 Tips

The Various Offers

With the launch of betting companies and the rise of active interest in Sports Betting, many bookmakers provide exciting promotions and offers to attract new customers. You can now find a plethora of bonuses, concessions, free bets, straights, totals, teasers, parlay and prop bets on particular sports events. You can browse through different sites and see which offer the best betting opportunity that is vested within your interest, and then make your choice.

Sports Betting Markets

While some sports betting fans concentrate on only certain sports such as Cricket, or Football and are engaged only for a limited period of time, others look to get into action all around the year betting on varied sports occurring all around the world. Many top-notch bookmakers employ this interest in hand and offer a large assortment of betting markets with a focus on myriad sports and contests like horse racing, hockey, kabaddi, NBA, etc. The sheer majority of betting markets can dictate the choice for many sports bettors who are looking to indulge in a number of sports across the world.

‘True’ Welcome bonuses

The famed Welcome Bonus isn’t everything in choosing a bookmaker. While a large monetary gain may seem very inviting, it should not form the basis for selecting one. A lot of shady betting companies offer a high welcome bonus, almost at 100 to 200 percent in a bid to attract new betters, which sounds too good to be perfect, and in many cases, it is.

You need to carefully run through the different terms and conditions stipulated with the welcome bonuses, as bookmakers which offer large monetary bonuses require that you play your free bet and winning more turns before you can cash out your welcome bonus. Thereby, at the end of the day, opt for one which provides optimum free bets along with player-friendly conditions.

Checking Reviews and Ratings

As in any other purchase or availing of a particular service, it is equally important to do a bit of groundwork before selecting a bookmaker for your betting opportunities. Doing well-versed research on the bookmaker and reading customer reviews online from different websites to see if the company is reliable or not always helps. Reviews can help you comprehend the functioning of a betting company; if they pay promptly to their customers, follow protocols and have good customer support, etc.

The best site where you can find all the reviews of the best bookmakers for India is this: https://www.mybettingsites.in

Mobile Wagering

Bookmakers in recent times are also providing support to platforms other than computers such as the likes of smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. This may come especially handy for those who are looking to bet on the go. However, do read the stipulations carefully as some betting firms have a few restrictions in place for wagering from mobile devices; there is a minimum bet amount required and particular charge for placing bets over the phone. Focusing on those who offer sports betting options from different platforms/devices can help further streamline the find for the perfect bookmaker.

The right minimal deposits

Bookmakers may require a minimum deposit amount before opening an account and making a bet. While some may charge a little, others may ask for a large sum which is not very advisable for novices and beginners. Beware of high minimums; instead, opt for ones with nominal charges that are neither too high nor too low.

Reliability of Customer Service

An important factor to consider when selecting a bookmaker which often is overlooked, is the customer service offered by the bookmaker. The ease of communication and swift responses from the service play a key role in establishing the reputation and accessibility of a bookmaker. Imagine if you’re betting in the middle of the night and have an urgent concern which can’t wait for the next morning! A customer service which operates round-the-clock answering your qualms and doubts any time can be a definite contributing factor in selecting a bookmaker.  From account management to settling and withdrawal of deposits, customer service can come exceptionally handy.

Website interface “SportsBook”

Imagine choosing a bookmaker only to find that at the time of betting, all you are left is staring at a message that the site wouldn’t load due to a server error. It is advisable that you visit the website of the betting company at different times of the day, especially during betting hours to see how quick the site loads while also clicking on important links to check for any technical difficulties. A site that is easily accessible while also providing all the necessary information in a clear and concise manner is absolutely significant. It should be easy to navigate; from finding different sports market, to placing multiple bets and clearly reading the odds.

Payment Gateways and Security Options

While all other aspects may be perfect or even fitting, having a clear payment option becomes the most important factor in choosing a bookmaker. If the payment options aren’t reliable, there is no sense in signing up with the bookmaker. A plethora of bookmakers now offer payment options through bank transfer and wired deposits, debit/credit cards, e-wallets, bitcoin, and other reliable and trusted options. Before deciding on one, always check a given bookmaker’s cash system on their site and other payment-related information such as fees and expected time of processing.   

Also, it is equally essential to check if the sports betting company offers standard encryption and security certificates to consumers who visit the site and make a payment. Using secure and legal network systems like Verified by Visa and Mastercard tells the nature of the betting company and its reputation.

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