9 Phases of Relapse and the Vital Warning Signs


In this fast moving world lives a selfish creature called human being, and this creature is not only selfish but also very egoistic for their own well-being. But a part of this self-centred creature there are many species which are always been rejected or being treated inferior for no matter what reason.

These species either get into depression or relapse into other negative phases often in their lives. Which in turn make these individual species weak and inferior to others because of loss of self-confidence. Steps should be taken by these individuals to come out of their relapse phase, boost their self-confidence and lead their life with dignity.

Valiantrecovery.com has created an infograhic named “RELAPSE: PHASES AND WARNING SIGNS” which highlights the phases of relapse and the vital warning signs with which the individual go through. And also explains how to deal with the phases of relapse. Quiet Usefull!!

9 Phases of Relapse and the Vital Warning Signs 1

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