6 Worth Buying Shoes of this month!


Psychology says that when you meet someone, the person subconsciously notices your feet first. This means that your footwear is the gateway to your overall personality. If this holds true, you need to shop for shoes online and mark a first good impression.

We know how convenient it is to wear your flip-flops or gym shoes everywhere you go, but they can’t be pulled off with just any outfit. If you want to look dapper, even on days when you’re simply running errands or visiting the park, invest in a smart pair of shoes.

Your shoes hold the power to make or break your look, and to keep up with your look; you need to find yourself the right pair. If you want to know which are the trending footwear in the world of fashion, quickly take a look and decide for yourself what to invest in.

  1. Crocs: If you want a change from wearing your flip-flops on casual days out, amp up your fashion game by investing in crocs. Love them or hate them, but people just can’t get enough of these shoes, which have been a game-changer ever since they emerged. They are lightweight, and the holes on them enable your feet to breathe. They are waterproof and easy to clean, which means you can wear them all year round, which in turn gives you value for your money.
  2. Casual slippers: Do you often find yourself wearing someone else’s footwear, especially when you just have to go out of the house to collect the bags of groceries your parents have bought? If you cannot find anything appropriate to wear at such times, invest in a pair of casual slippers. This footwear is easy to wear and totally fuss-free, which is why you definitely need to invest in a pair.
  3. Casual sandals: Your heels and wedges should only be saved for special occasions, not for simple occasions when you’re just doing a coffee run. If you’re wearing a hoodie and bicycle shorts on your coffee run, pair your look with casual sandals in basic colours such as black, navy or white. You can add a pop of colour to your look by picking out neon colours.
  4. Slides: Slides are currently the most trending footwear you will ever find. The younger generation prefers to wear sliders because they are not only convenient but also ooze the ‘street style vibes’. If you’re tired of wearing flip-flops on casual days, just slide your feet into a pair of sliders and amp up your ‘cool quotient.
  5. Sneakers: When you’re confused about what to wear with your casual, semi-casual, or even smart-casual look, just slip into your white sneakers. Sneakers have become a must-have pair of shoes that will take your style up by a few notches. Don’t go for the chunky ones unless you want to be the centre of attention. Opt for basic colours such as white, black or even grey.
  6. Flip-flops: Flip-flops are a must-have, especially if you want to make your life a tad bit easy. This footwear is easy to wear because you just need to slide your feet in. They are perfect for lowkey occasions, such as going for a stroll with your friend.

Invest in these game-changing shoes and upgrade your style, one pair at a time.

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