6 Easy Tips to Winning Rummy Online


Winners in rummy games don’t come out of the blue; it comes with patience and lot of practice. If you aren’t confident about playing rummy online against experts, fret not as you have come to the right place. In this article, we will look into some of the time-tested strategies and tricks which when duly practised, will allow you to ace the game and outclass your opponents.

But before we head to the tips, you need to have an understanding of the basic 13-card rummy rules. To understand how to play rummy online, click here.

6 Best Tips to Winning Rummy Online for New Players

  • Sorting your cards and making a Pure Sequence

Arranging the cards into sequences has to be the preliminary step you need to take before playing rummy online. There is a ‘sort’ feature in online rummy websites which arranges your cards in proper order and colour in a basic manner. One can also arrange them in alternate colour suits.

With the cards sorted, you can now view if you have a pure sequence or not. A pure sequence comprises of three or more cards of the same suit which are formed without any wild card. Examples of pure sequences involve King of spades, Queen of spades and Jack of spades; or two of clubs, three of clubs and four of clubs. Check for pure sequences at first, if not, forming it should be the top priority. After which you can build another sequence or set.

Remember that a pure sequence at the end of the game will reduce your points, so your goal should be forming one which you can show by the end of the game.  

  • Lower your points

Minimizing points is an important technique to reduce your risk of losing. Discard high-value cards or face cards such as K, J or Q before the end of the game.

When arranging your cards, you will already have an idea of what cards make a set, or what doesn’t. In order to get a minimal total, get rid of irrelevant value or photo cards. In accordance with rummy rules, face cards carry a total of 10 points while the 10 card carries the same. So, your aim should be to discard these cards as soon as possible, given it doesn’t aid your opponent’s set. To learn more about rummy rules, click here.

  • Joker for the win

A joker can be used to make an impure sequence or set in rummy. For each deck, there are 4 wildcard jokers and one picture joker, making the total 5. If you have a joker, use it immediately to make an impure set and take caution to not discard them as they can really lend a helping hand in the game of rummy. But do remember, a joker can be used only after making a pure sequence.

Though many players employ jokers quickly to end a game, according to 13 card rummy game, a joker cannot be used to make a pure sequence but can only be used after the creation of a pure set.

Also, there is another strategy that you can deploy, which many players do not have a clue about. Cards adjacent to open joker can be discarded. For example, an 8-club wild joker cannot be melded with 7 and 9 club suit. So, you can discard these cards as the opponent wouldn’t try making a suit using their joker. Many online rummy players do not know of this strategy and unknowingly keep these cards.

  • Mislead other players constantly

Being very perceptive is very crucial when playing rummy online. In fact, according to rummy experts, winning depends on how well you can foresee an opponent’s next move which though sounds difficult, isn’t very hard to do. Closely observe the cards discarded by your opponents or from what deck he/she draws their next card.

If the player takes a card from the closed decks, you can understand that the top card of the discarded pile is of no use to them, whereas if they do take your discarded card, you can guess the set they are trying to build.

Also, take note if the opponent is drawing cards too frequently from your discarded pile. To illustrate, if a player picks up 5 of Hearts or 6 of Hearts from the discard pile, do not throw away the cards that are close to them, such as 7 of hearts or 4 of Hearts.

Using this strategy can help you attain dominance over your opponent and may pave way for your victory. Alternatively, draw cards from the closed and open deck to keep your opponent confused on what set or sequence you are forming.

  • Holding high-value cards to deceive your opponent

Firstly, observe the other players and watch for the cards they discard on the table. That way, you will get a fair idea of what cards they require to win the game. In most cases, players tend to get rid of high value or face cards such as K, Q, and J in a bid to not end up with many points when they lose the game.

However, if a player picks up a discarded face card, it more or less means that they are trying to build a sequence with it. Try and discern the set they are forming, and if you have the required face cards, hold them up.

For instance, if you discard a Queen of Hearts and your opponent picks it up, do not throw cards that are adjacent to it such as a Jack or King or Ace of Hearts. However, you can throw K, Q, & J of other suits.

By holding the necessary cards, you deny the player of valuable time on the table. By not attaining the cards after a few hands, your opponents may discard the remaining cards of ‘un-made sequence’ to get rid of extra points of face cards, thereby breaking the set. Their time lost may decisively work in your favour.

  • Reverse the common norm

A common bluffing trick you can use is by discarding low-value cards at first. The common norm is when players get rid of high-value cards or face cards first. This reverse bluffing technique will trick your opponents into thinking that you have a very good hand and are about to win the game. In turn, they may easily fold the game.

Online rummy is a game that allows you to win games and rewards through tact and practice. With these tips and tricks mentioned above, you will discover that rummy is a place of entertainment, enjoyment, and rewards. You can now play rummy online against players from all across the world, both for real cash and for free.

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