5 Ways To Beat Genshin Impact’s Gacha System

Games of chance

Games of chance such as Baccarat, Bingo, and poker are popular due to their nature in dealing with the odds. In addition, they require you to play for a small chance of winning and high stakes. Aside from secure gambling platforms such as Bet88, you can encounter playing for chances of winning through gacha games.

So what are gacha games? Gacha games are video games with a gacha system in their gameplay. Gacha games lure players to spend in-game currency to receive an in-game item that is usually random. Some in-game currency generally can be gained through participating in gameplay; you can obtain in-game items by purchasing them from the game publisher using real-world funds.

Right now, Genshin Impact reigns high among gacha open-world video games. Mihoyo, also known now as Hoyoverse, produced the game as a follow-up to their Honkai Impact games. Unlike its predecessor, Genshin Impact features an open-world and well-produced elemental combat system. Here are great ways that you can progress without biting the paywall system:

Invest In Safe And F2P-friendly Units

First, you have to give safe and f2p-friendly units investment. In Genshin Impact’s gameplay, you get four (4) starter characters for every element. These characters are Traveler (Anemo), Amber (Pyro), Kaeya (Cryo), and Lisa (Electro). Another free addition is Xianling, who is given for free after you clear Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss. In addition, you obtain Barbara (who is a healer and Hydro) after you complete the first Archon Quest of Genshin Impact. Another free unit is Noelle, a Geo Claymore, in the starter banner.

With the release of Genshin Impact’s newest region, Sumeru, Collei can now be accessed for free after you clear Floor 4 of the Spiral Abyss.

As you clear more content and your World Level goes up, you will need to invest in safe and free-to-play friendly units as they do not need 5-star items to do enough damage for the overworld and those who want to clear the Spiral Abyss. To clear the Spiral Abyss, you must do a large amount of damage within a short time.

The best f2p-friendly units you can give your time and attention to are Xianling, who is the strongest Pyro DPS in the game, Bennett because his gameplay is broken, Xingqiu (who also happens to have broken gameplay), and Sucrose, if you do not own a Venti or Kazuha. They are all four-star units. Safe investments in the game include Kaeya and Rosaria.

Build Your Supports

Second, you have to invest in your support units. The game heavily favors the production of large and optimal damage in the endgame of the Spiral Abyss. So that you can deal optimal damage, especially if your best damage-dealers are selfish units such as Xiao and Cyno, you need to have supports who can do their job. As a result, you have to put sufficient resources and investments into your teams’ support characters. By building them, rotations will become easier and you can produce large enough damage to clear the Spiral Abyss and get your primogems.

Spend Strategically

The third tip is to spend strategically. The game’s ultimate temptation, as with all gacha games, is to entice you to dump money into “getting lucky” with your pull. Some of the mechanics for marketing that are integrated in-game include tailoring the gameplay mechanics in the Spiral Abyss to favor the units currently featured in the limited banner roster.

When it comes to spending, you have to be strategic about it. One (1) pull in the game is roughly 1.70 USD. With this in mind, the most valuable purchase in-game is the Welkin Moon, which provides 300 genesis crystals and 270 primogems for 30 days.

Do Your Routes

Whales who spend large amounts of money in the game progress much faster than free-to-play players. However, even if you are not a whale, you can still progress faster in the game by doing your routes. By doing your elite boss and artifact routes, it becomes easier for you to level up your talents, character levels, weapons, and artifacts, thus furthering your progress in your account. For example, if you spend twenty to thirty (20-30) minutes in artifact routes, you get seventy (70) resin’s worth of artifact fodder.

Wrapping Up

Games of chance are always great because they test your skills and sharpen your senses. However, with gacha, it becomes a different story. In gameplay that can be easier behind a paywall, it becomes tempting to pull your wallet. However, with these surefire tips, you can progress faster and beat Genshin Impact’s gacha system.

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